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More Rheumatic Patients in Danger Zone Than We Thought

Recent studies show that those with slightly elevated blood pressure should still be concerned, particularly those with arthritis. When it comes to arthritis johnson city tn rheumatologists say patients have an increased risk. Doctors say rheumatics have a significantly higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, making it vital to have blood pressure readings checked regularly. In fact, experts say risks could be greater for those with osteoarthritis.

Risk to Heart and Vessels

Doctors have recognized that certain rheumatic diseases are associated with typical changes in the heart and blood vessels. According to some studies, patients with osteoarthritis have a more pronounced cardiovascular risk. Rheumatoid arthritis is primarily directed against the bones and joints. However, it accompanies an inflammatory reaction in the entire body, which also affects the blood vessels. Heart attacks and strokes are therefore twice as common in rheumatism patients.

According to doctors, in the first years of an inflammatory joint disease, changes in the arteries can be detected with tests. When left un-diagnosed and untreated, rheumatoid patients therefore have a significantly increased risk of death. Doctors also point out that symptom-free people with a positive rheumatoid factor or increased rheumatoid-specific antibodies in the blood, so-called ACPA, already have an increased risk of atherosclerosis.

Regular Checkups Are Vital

Similar to diabetics, it is important for people with rheumatism to have blood pressure and blood sugar checked. One important health style change is abstaining from tobacco. Tobacco smoke promotes inflammation in the joints and reduces the effectiveness of prescribed drugs.

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

Boosting your fitness can help maintain and diminish symptoms of arthritis. Many people avoid exercising for fear the joints will endure further stress but that’s not true. Exercise improves flexibility and helps fight against rheumatic fatigue.

Several studies have investigated the effects of strengthening exercises, in particular to strengthen the arm and leg muscles. Participants trained for 30 to 60 minutes two to three times a week with light weights or equipment. The training was able to improve their strength and reduce the impact of rheumatism. This made everyday activities such as getting dressed, washing or handling cutlery and dishes easier.

Essential Scents May Help

Aromatherapy definitely won’t offer a cure for arthritis, but it can help you feel better. For example, Lavender can help relieve anxiety and offer some calm for better sleep. In fact, studies show that a massage with lavender and ginger oils can help diminish knee pain. Many say it only offers short-term relief, but even that is worth the effort.

These oils are extracted from flowers and herbs and have been used for centuries. While the term therapeutic is often used, you should never ingest these oils, and undiluted essential oils may provoke skin irritations, so if unsure, ask a physician.

Lastly, proper nutrition can relieve joint pain and contribute to overall joint health. Many foods have anti-inflammatory elements like the orange-yellow root Turmeric. It’s considered a medicinal spice with a high content of antioxidants that inhibit inflammatory processes in the joints. There’s also olive oil, broccoli, and oranges. All have a protective effect and can work together to diminish joint pain. Arthritis can make daily living a challenge, but with regular checkups and a few lifestyle changes, it’s manageable.…

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Important and necessary information about MRIs

MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, is a test that uses powerful magnets, a computer and radio waves in order to make detailed and descriptive pictures inside your body. An MRI is used by doctors to either diagnose a health problem or see how you are responding to treatment. Doctors use MRIs to diagnose an injury or a disease and an MRI can also monitor how well a patient is doing with a treatment. Keep in mind: MRIs can be performed on various parts of the body. For example, an MRI of the brain and spinal cord examines a brain injury, blood vessel damage, cancer, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Find out about MRI imaging Kenai AK and see if this diagnostic test would be effective for your individual health concerns.

What are the steps of an MRI?

For some MRIs, a contrast dye is put into a vein in your arm or hand. Then, you lie on a table that slides into the MRI machine. During the test, straps may be used to hold you still.  With some MRI machines, you may be put entirely inside the machine. With other MRIs, part of your body may stay outside the machine.

Are there certain people who should not get an MRI?

Most importantly, there are certain people who should not get an MRI; pregnant women should not get an MRI during their first trimester. Also, you shouldn’t get an MRI if you’ve had an allergic reaction to contrast dye, if you have suffered from kidney disease or if you have metal somewhere inside your body.

What are the benefits of an MRI?

An MRI is better than a CT in that it can differentiate better between fat, water, muscle, and other soft tissue than a CT. In other words, an MRI shows clearer images of a person’s body than that of a CT or a scan. However, there are risks. One risk is the strong, static magnetic field and radio frequency energy.

What if you are claustrophobic?

If you are claustrophobic, having an MRI could be traumatic; however, in some locations there are other options such as a high-field open MRI.

• This MRI has open sides and nothing that pushes on your arms and shoulders.
• Another option for claustrophobia is an Open Upright MRI.
• During this process a person is seated or standing.
• For additional information on MRIs check out:

Can a person overcome claustrophobia?

A person can overcome claustrophobia; however, the first step to make this happen is to face your fear. There are several ways to do this: the EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique, the NLP-Neuro-Linguistic programming technique and hypnosis. Hypnosis works for some.

To conclude, MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, is a test that uses powerful magnets, a computer and radio waves in order to make detailed and descriptive pictures inside your body. Talk with your doctor and find out more.…

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Great Tips And Advice For Over-Stressed People

Stress can become a mental health problem just as serious as other disorders. Not only can it leave you unmotivated, it can also cause sadness and lethargy. Stop letting stress control your life. This article will show you some ways to relax and handle your stress more efficiently.

Stay active and get enough exercise to beat stress. This is not a fast way to fix things, but it is a better way to make your life easier to live. Not only can it relieve a great deal of stress, but it can also gift people with self-esteem and give them back some control over life.

An animal can assist you to relieve stress. Even the simple act of petting an animal has been proven to be a stress reliever.

Putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) can go a long way in stress reduction. Sometimes there are things in life that stress us out that we feel we cannot talk to others about, but when you sit down and write them out, it can help relieve the stress of the situation. Archive these writings and look over them later to see if there are any patterns in how you dealt with the stressful situations.

Let the people you are in frequent contact with know that you are stressed, and reiterate that if you seem irritable, it is not their fault. Spouses and children often think that they have acted in a way that is upsetting to you. The stress you hold is your issue, and it’s important to not transfer it to those close to you.

If you are in a work environment where you are able to choose your own music it can actually help you a great deal. Choose calming, low-key music that will keep you relaxed. Contrarily, music with a faster beat is liable to make you feel upbeat and happy if it has a positive message.

Try drinking some relaxing tea to reduce your stress. Chamomile, kava kava, passionflower, and a lot of other types of teas are great stress relievers. To get the most of the herbs in these teas, steep them for about 10 minutes. A cup of tea is especially effective at the beginning or end of a stressful day.

Try to replace unhealthy habits with healthy, productive ones. For example, overeating when you are stressed can be replaced by exercising. By swapping negative methods of handling stress with healthier, more positive ones you will maintain the strength to enable you to deal with stress in your daily activities.

Playing video games is an excellent way for young adults to relieve stress. Games make you focus on strategy, which reduces energy available for stress and worry. You can play alone or with others; both ways improve your mood.

Stress is a major factor in loss of productivity in almost all areas of your life. Projects go unfinished and work doesn’t get done, as a result of the effects of too much stress. You will know how to better handle stress after reading this article.…

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Learn Great Sleep Apnea Tips In This Article

The information presented in this article will hopefully be useful to anyone who’s currently dealing with a sleep apnea problem. While sleep apnea can be risky in terms of your health if it’s not treated, it can be managed if proper treatment is applied. Take these sleep apnea tips into consideration and try out the ones you feel may help with your condition.

Ask your doctor for advice about what CPAP machine you should get. The loudness and size of any machine should be considered. There are CPAP machine which are easily portable and produce little noise. The physician should know which companies have the best machines.

If you are obese, start a weight loss program. Several studies have shown that there is a link between obesity and sleep apnea. A loss of 10 or more pounds can significantly reduce our sleep apnea symptoms.

Some people give up using the CPAP machine they have been prescribed and this is not a good move. Use it for at least four hours each night, until you become used to it in full. It can be extremely difficult for some patients to get used to sleeping with a CPAP. Good health over the long term is what is important, and you need to build up the amount of time you use it until you can use it throughout the night. If it is hard and become difficult to adjust to in the beginning, then ensure you are using it at least four hours a night.

Avoid relying on sleeping pills. Just like alcohol, taking sleeping pills will make your throat muscles relax. They can also contribute to a large variety of things that are problematic to those who suffer from sleep apnea. See if your doctor knows of any sleeping medication that doesn’t cause respiratory depression.

Sleep on your side. Many people with sleep apnea sleep while on their backs. Sleeping on your back can cause the tissues in your mouth and throat to block your airway. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. If you move around at night and tend to always wind up on your back, try propping yourself up with pillows.

A diagnosis of sleep apnea usually involves your personal and family medical histories, as well as a comprehensive physical examination. In addition, sleep studies could be performed. Afterwards, depending on the results, your doctor could refer a sleep specialist to you. A sleep specialist is a doctor who treats those with sleep problems.

People with sleep apnea who need a CPAP should have a medical ID that identifies the problem. If you are ever in need of emergency treatments, this ID will let the medical team know that you suffer from sleep apnea and are following CPAP therapy. This ID needs to specify you suffer from sleep apnea and have a CPAP that needs to be set on a certain pressure level.

As we said before, if you let your sleep apnea go you may become gravely ill. If you have sleep apnea, you must learn about it. Use the advice here as a stepping stone to getting on the right path to improving your health and the ability to get peaceful sleep each night.…