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Bodybuilding Routines Reviews – Build Muscle Fast With the 2 Best Routines

Bodybuilding Routines Reviews – Build Muscle Fast With the 2 Best Routines

There are a thousand different muscle building workouts out there so how do you choose what’s best for you? If you already know me you know that I demand results from everything whether it be supplements or workout programs and I will not recommend something to anyone that is not going to meet their goals. With this in mind I’ve handpicked only 2 programs that fit a certain type of person and their current needs.

28 Day Muscle Explosion by Nick Nilsson

This program is fantastic for an intermediate or advanced trainee. The reason I like it is because it goes out of the box and will help you either break plateaus or put on 10 new pounds of muscle. If you are already fairly developed you know that 10 pounds is the difference from medium to large. There are a lot of overpriced eBooks out there and for $27 this one gets huge thumbs up because you will gain muscle mass by following the 28 day plan. It’s a no brainer. Put the unproven supplements back on the shelf and invest in a real workout that delivers.

Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferrugia

This is my favorite all comprehensive eBook. It is used by professional athletes to gain muscle mass fast. I love the muscle building workouts in this system because I have used so many of these techniques and plans over my own 25 years of training that I know they work. This is great for the beginner to advanced trainee because you can start to build a foundation or build new levels on the current physique you have. This system includes everything which is also its only setback because of the $77 price tag. I’ve seen guys waste hundreds of dollars on useless supplements though and if they just used a solid workout program they would be stacked with muscle mass. There is over a year of workouts and strategy in here. If you want to gain muscle fast and get huge make a small investment and get some real gains.

Building muscle is all about proper planning and nutrition. Make sure you are using a guide that is going to give you visible results in the mirror and in the gym.…

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How to Build Arm Muscle

How to Build Arm Muscle

When it comes to body building, most people want two things, big arms and a big chest. To build arm muscle is the most desired goal for most guys but it’s not as easy as most people think. Just training with bicep curls isn’t going to cut it as most people will find out. You need to have a routine that hits all parts of your arms and do different exercises that add stress differently to your arms so they can grow.


When it comes to expanding your arms, most people neglect to train the triceps properly. But the triceps make up most your arm (it’s 70% of your arm) and is what makes your arm fill out. Building your biceps may look nice but the triceps is what gives the width and bulk most people are looking for. 


Let’s go in to the best exercises for your biceps and triceps.


The best exercises for your biceps are the alternate dumbbell curls and concentration curls. If you want to see how it is done, you can simply look on the Internet to see the proper form and full range of motion. But what I’m going to talk about is the mistakes most people are making when doing these two exercises. When many people do standing dumbbell curls, they often use their back and shoulders to help them bring the weights up. This can lead to injury and you’re also not using your muscles to full capacity. 


Another mistake is people using leverage to bring the weights back up. You must maximize each pump when lifting so it’s essential that you do the exercises slowly and release slowly as well. Make sure that you are not using your shoulders or elbow during the reps as you must also build strength in your arms to gradually life bigger weights.


For triceps, you should work on the close grip bench press. It’s like a regular bench press but you hold the grip 6 inches apart instead of the normal shoulder length. With your elbows stabilized, lower the bar and lift it back up before it hits your chest. Do this exercise slowly and make sure you are not bouncing the bar off your chest.


The final exercise for triceps is the tricep dip. You can use a dipping bar or use one of the machines in the gym for this exercise. Get on the dip bars with your hands and kick your legs back 90 degrees while leaning slightly forward then dip down until your chest is on the same level as the dip bars. Repeat the reps until you see fit.


In conclusion, to build arm muscle, it’s important to work both your biceps and triceps. The triceps exercises will be much harder but these exercises will result in the most mass. Like all exercises, proper form is important (especially in arms) so you pump as much blood into your muscles.…

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Free Bodybuilding Routines For Weight Gain Fast

Free Bodybuilding Routines For Weight Gain Fast

The internet has been a great source of free information and the World Wide Web has made it much easier for anyone looking for free bodybuilding routines to find them. There is a lot of great information out there and a lot of useless clutter so how do you choose a workout plan that is good for weight gain fast?

A good bodybuilding workout is going to cover the basics and structure the workouts so that the biggest muscles are trained prior to the smaller muscles. This means you would train your chest before moving on to working your triceps. The triceps must stabilize the chest exercises like bench press so if you work your arms first and then move to the bench press the exhaustion in your arms will make it difficult to use enough weight to properly stimulate the chest.

This would be the proper way to train chest, shoulders and triceps by putting the muscles in their correct order.

Bench Press 4 sets 8-10 reps

Incline Flyes 4 sets 8-10 reps

Shoulder Press 4 sets 8-10 reps

Side Lateral Raises 4 sets 8-10 reps

Lying Tricep Extensions 3 sets 8-10 reps

Triceps Pushdowns 3 sets 10-12 reps

You can see that this starts with chest and then works to the deltoids. The delts also require use of the triceps for a stabilizer so it is necessary to train them prior to moving to triceps. If you exhaust your triceps first your shoulders won’t be able to push as heavy for weight gain fast.

This is the same type of structure that should be utilized for back and biceps if you were to train them on the same day. Work the back first and then move on to bicep exercises. If the biceps are exhausted they will not be able to pull the heavy weights need to work the back.…

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How To Lift Weights Effectively

How To Lift Weights Effectively

There are times where every beginning weightlifter will wonder if he is wasting his time or living up to his potential in the gym. Everyone wants to build muscle, but those who build the most muscle are the ones who are knowledgeable on all the aspects of training. Any seasoned lifter will tell you that in order to build muscle and bulk up effectively you have to have good form in all of your exercises.

1. First off, it should be noted that compound exercises are the most effective routines for building mass and bulking up. They are also considered supreme for building overall strength. Compound exercises work the body so much that human growth hormone levels are elevated and thus bulk increased. Your body will stack on the pounds. Just make sure that you have a good routine and diet in place.

2. It is relatively simple to practice good form for many isolation exercises like lat pull downs and tricep extensions. However, once you enter the realm of compound lifts, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage great form. A precursor to good form is research, check out animations in magazines and watch videos on YouTube. Being educated is the most important step!

3. Always use warm-up sets to hammer out any weaknesses in your form. Make sure you are in front of a mirror and able to see yourself for the duration of the set. Do not let yourself lose concentration and go sloppy at the end of a heavy set, this is when it matters the most!

4. Focus more during the eccentric part of the rep. The eccentric phase of any lift is the phase when the weight is being lowered. Essentially, it is traditionally viewed as the easy part of a rep. This has been called the number one mistake beginning body builders make. Put just as much effort into lowering the weight with good form as you do lifting the weight! This can really make a difference in your bench press efficiency.

5. It’s not a bad idea to record your lifts on video for later analysis.

If you are seeing lackluster or minimal gains, make sure your form is in check. Your goal here should be perfection in every compound exercise. Cleaning up your form will also ensure that your muscles grow in a balanced manner. Proper form can also lower your injury risk significantly, especially during dead lifts and squats.…

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How to Start Eating to Bulk Up: 3 Steps for You to Pack on Weight This Week?

How to Start Eating to Bulk Up: 3 Steps for You to Pack on Weight This Week?

Do you want to finally know how to start eating to bulk up? The truth is you do not need a magic wand or pill to make this happen.

You just need to be smart about it. There are some simple steps that you can take today to start seeing results as soon as tomorrow.

Read on further to find out the real deal for making this happen.

Step #1: Calculate Your Resting Rate

You need to know where you are to figure out where you are going.

What does this mean for you? This means that you need to know how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight.

The easiest way to do this is to locate a basal metabolic calculator. This is a device specifically made to help you see how many calories your body burns at rest.

Once you figure this out you can then know how many more calories you need to consume daily to increase your weight.

Step #2: Pick the Right Foods

Next, you need to choose the right food items to eat in order to accomplish your goal.

You need to choose one selection from each of the following food groups. These would be protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

You will notice that sweets and greasy foods are not in this mix. This is because these can add weight, but it is often useless fat that is no good for muscle building.

A good example of a balanced meal would be a slice of ham for protein, celery for carbohydrates, and olive oil for healthy fats.

This would cover all of your basics. You could add a glass of low-fat milk for even more protein.

Ste #3: Plan Ahead

Then, it is up to you to make sure to meet your daily requirements for calorie intake. The best way to do this is to plan your meals in advance.

This is essential for how to start eating to bulk up.

You can take one day out of the week and put together a menu for yourself of things you will consume for the following 7 days.

These should be items that will help you meet all of your daily food group requirements. His could be as easy as one meat, one fruit, one vegetable, and a flaxseed oil pill for healthy fats.

Once you master your diet the rest of your routine will be a lot easier to manage in the future.…

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Fast Muscle Building at Your Fingertips

Fast Muscle Building at Your Fingertips

Arnold Schwarzenegger set a record by winning the Mr. Olympia title for the first time at age of twenty three years old. He would later on set another record by winning the title seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record that will stay for more than ten years before Lee Haney broke the record with his eighth consecutive win in 1991. Not bad for an economist and a curling champion from Austria.

Although it was not an easy journey for the skinny and frail boy from Austria to become the champion that he was, he was still able to achieve this through hard work and determination. Much like Arnold, if you believe and put the necessary work in, you can achieve what you aim for.

One of the things that aspiring bodybuilder’s strive for is to develop Arnold’s girth and musculature. It can only be achieved by building muscle. However it is easier said than done. There are many aspects that come into play when you want to build muscle. There is genetics, exercise, diet and rest just to name a few. All of them need to be considered and worked on if you want to hit it big like Arnold.

Before muscle can be built it needs to undergo stress first. The small tears that a muscle gets when lifting weights are the same things that encourage the creation of new and stronger muscles. However, only the right way of lifting weights can help increase muscle mass. In some cases, the wrong exercise can even shrink the muscle.

To build muscle and not lose it, you must do no more than 10 repetitions, because your choice of weights must be just enough to tire your muscles so that the eleventh rep seems impossible. Doing more than ten would actually start to deter muscle building than encourage it.

However, contrary to popular belief, muscles do not necessarily grow while you lift weights. It actually grows during the resting period. It is important to incorporate a period of rest in your training. Some bodybuilders go through a 3 day a week training regimen with rest days every day after training. Some bodybuilders also try six day split trainings with focus on a different muscle group every single day with time off between each muscle group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that Lifting weights without the proper diet is like plowing a field and not putting seeds in it, because even as you lift weights at the right reps and intensity you will not be able to build muscle without the additional protein required.

A normal person needs about a half gram of protein for every pound of body weight but if you want to gain muscle fast you need to double the amount protein intake. The kind of protein is also important for the quality of muscles that are formed.

Aside from protein a person needs to eat a lot of supplemental foods. For example, you need to get a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals from actual food and not just supplements. You also need to eat moderated amounts of mono-saturated fat for testosterone hormone production, vital for quick recovery and muscle development.

Finally, a person must have a vision to successfully build muscle. Many have tried to achieve what Arnold has done but have fallen short. Your drive will take you to the heights you want to achieve but you must have in mind the picture of the peak of the mountain.…

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BodyBuilding Women

BodyBuilding Women

Bodybuilding Women: Women Don’t Get Overly Bulky Muscles

The most popular myth about bodybuilding for females is that if they bulk up the muscles too much that women end up looking like men. However, bodybuilding women will never gain the same muscle mass as men because they do not produce as much testosterone as men do. Women produce a certain amount of testosterone but it never outnumbers the amounts of estrogen and progesterone produced. Only women who subject themselves to highly aggressive regimens and use steroid supplements gain exceptionally huge muscle mass. Women should avoid (or regulate) steroid use if they don’t want to pile up on too much muscle mass. It also helps to incorporate the sufficient amount of cardiovascular workout too.

Bodybuilding Women: Muscle Doesn’t Turn into Fat When You Stop Working Out

Can you turn a chicken into a duck? It’s not possible at all. It’s the same thing with muscle and fat. Muscle doesn’t turn into fat and vice-versa, even if you lift the whole world. Muscle and fat are entirely different. This is basic information that all bodybuilding women should know. Otherwise, they will be duped into working out hard and eating everything that they want. Every good workout is composed of a considerable period for cardio and another period for weight and strength training. Your metabolism speeds up when you gain muscle mass. That’s why you lose weight faster when you incorporate sold weight training. At the same time, bodybuilding women will easily see their muscle cuts once the excessive fat is lost. Bodybuilding and cardio training work hand in hand building muscle and losing fat but you should always remember that muscle doesn’t turn into fat and fat doesn’t turn into muscle.

For bodybuilding women who are still new to bodybuilding, they can start with light weights. Better yet, these bodybuilding women can start with body weight exercises that are pretty simple to execute. The pushup is one of the most basic yet most effective bodybuilding exercises that bodybuilding women can execute. Women with a very basic fitness level can start doing the pushups with their knees still touching the ground. As their fitness level increases, they can anchor their toes to the ground and keep their whole body straight. The pushup is an overall body exercise that tones arms, shoulders, glutes, and even the abs.

Bodybuilding women of all levels can also do squat thrusters, an overall bodybuilding exercises that targets many muscle groups arms, legs, abdominals, back, and glutes. The squat thrust starts in a squat position, with each hand carrying a dumbbell. Elbows and arms should be at shoulder level. As the knees straighten, the arms should also straighten, thrusting the dumbbells to the ceiling. Go back to the original position and as many sets and repetitions as you can for 4 minutes.

Bodybuilding women should always remember to listen to their body and not force to the risk of getting an injury. The body can handle pain. In fact, it will adapt and strengthen because of the pain. However, it should be manageable pain and it shouldn’t lead to an injury.…