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Shoulder Training Basics For All Levels

Shoulder Training Basics For All Levels

Depending on your experience level with lifting weights, your shoulder training routine and exercises will vary. It would be stupid for someone to train like a pro when it is their first time in the gym. Here are basic guidelines for beginners to advanced bodybuilder to follow to start developing wide massive shoulders.


If you are brand new in the gym, I have always found it important that you begin by building a strong foundation and core. This is why I suggest concentrating mainly on compound lifts. Not only will this allow you to jump start your shoulder growth, but it will also help you achieve better lifts in other exercises where the shoulders are recruited like bench pressing. You can never go wrong with standing or seated barbell presses for size and strength.


Now that you have build a decent pair of shoulders, its time to bring out the details and start focusing on the three different heads of the deltoid. It should now be your goal to achieve proportionate and overall development of the front,lateral, and rear heads of the shoulder. This can easily be accomplished by incorporating raises into your training routine. Include front raises, lateral raises, and rear raises into most if not all of your should training sessions. This is also a great time to start concentrating on trapezius development because to be considered a good bodybuilder, your shoulder-trap tie in must be proportional.

No matter your experience level, you should always aim to create a wide, thick pair of shoulders. For beginners this means starting out with very basic heavy compound movements. For you more advanced weightlifters this means adding in more raises to really get the details in your individual shoulder heads.…