Bodybuilding Routines Reviews – Build Muscle Fast With the 2 Best Routines

Bodybuilding Routines Reviews – Build Muscle Fast With the 2 Best Routines

There are a thousand different muscle building workouts out there so how do you choose what’s best for you? If you already know me you know that I demand results from everything whether it be supplements or workout programs and I will not recommend something to anyone that is not going to meet their goals. With this in mind I’ve handpicked only 2 programs that fit a certain type of person and their current needs.

28 Day Muscle Explosion by Nick Nilsson

This program is fantastic for an intermediate or advanced trainee. The reason I like it is because it goes out of the box and will help you either break plateaus or put on 10 new pounds of muscle. If you are already fairly developed you know that 10 pounds is the difference from medium to large. There are a lot of overpriced eBooks out there and for $27 this one gets huge thumbs up because you will gain muscle mass by following the 28 day plan. It’s a no brainer. Put the unproven supplements back on the shelf and invest in a real workout that delivers.

Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferrugia

This is my favorite all comprehensive eBook. It is used by professional athletes to gain muscle mass fast. I love the muscle building workouts in this system because I have used so many of these techniques and plans over my own 25 years of training that I know they work. This is great for the beginner to advanced trainee because you can start to build a foundation or build new levels on the current physique you have. This system includes everything which is also its only setback because of the $77 price tag. I’ve seen guys waste hundreds of dollars on useless supplements though and if they just used a solid workout program they would be stacked with muscle mass. There is over a year of workouts and strategy in here. If you want to gain muscle fast and get huge make a small investment and get some real gains.

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Building muscle is all about proper planning and nutrition. Make sure you are using a guide that is going to give you visible results in the mirror and in the gym.