BodyBuilding Women

BodyBuilding Women

Bodybuilding Women: Women Don’t Get Overly Bulky Muscles

The most popular myth about bodybuilding for females is that if they bulk up the muscles too much that women end up looking like men. However, bodybuilding women will never gain the same muscle mass as men because they do not produce as much testosterone as men do. Women produce a certain amount of testosterone but it never outnumbers the amounts of estrogen and progesterone produced. Only women who subject themselves to highly aggressive regimens and use steroid supplements gain exceptionally huge muscle mass. Women should avoid (or regulate) steroid use if they don’t want to pile up on too much muscle mass. It also helps to incorporate the sufficient amount of cardiovascular workout too.

Bodybuilding Women: Muscle Doesn’t Turn into Fat When You Stop Working Out

Can you turn a chicken into a duck? It’s not possible at all. It’s the same thing with muscle and fat. Muscle doesn’t turn into fat and vice-versa, even if you lift the whole world. Muscle and fat are entirely different. This is basic information that all bodybuilding women should know. Otherwise, they will be duped into working out hard and eating everything that they want. Every good workout is composed of a considerable period for cardio and another period for weight and strength training. Your metabolism speeds up when you gain muscle mass. That’s why you lose weight faster when you incorporate sold weight training. At the same time, bodybuilding women will easily see their muscle cuts once the excessive fat is lost. Bodybuilding and cardio training work hand in hand building muscle and losing fat but you should always remember that muscle doesn’t turn into fat and fat doesn’t turn into muscle.

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For bodybuilding women who are still new to bodybuilding, they can start with light weights. Better yet, these bodybuilding women can start with body weight exercises that are pretty simple to execute. The pushup is one of the most basic yet most effective bodybuilding exercises that bodybuilding women can execute. Women with a very basic fitness level can start doing the pushups with their knees still touching the ground. As their fitness level increases, they can anchor their toes to the ground and keep their whole body straight. The pushup is an overall body exercise that tones arms, shoulders, glutes, and even the abs.

Bodybuilding women of all levels can also do squat thrusters, an overall bodybuilding exercises that targets many muscle groups arms, legs, abdominals, back, and glutes. The squat thrust starts in a squat position, with each hand carrying a dumbbell. Elbows and arms should be at shoulder level. As the knees straighten, the arms should also straighten, thrusting the dumbbells to the ceiling. Go back to the original position and as many sets and repetitions as you can for 4 minutes.

Bodybuilding women should always remember to listen to their body and not force to the risk of getting an injury. The body can handle pain. In fact, it will adapt and strengthen because of the pain. However, it should be manageable pain and it shouldn’t lead to an injury.