Fast Muscle Building at Your Fingertips

Fast Muscle Building at Your Fingertips

Arnold Schwarzenegger set a record by winning the Mr. Olympia title for the first time at age of twenty three years old. He would later on set another record by winning the title seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record that will stay for more than ten years before Lee Haney broke the record with his eighth consecutive win in 1991. Not bad for an economist and a curling champion from Austria.

Although it was not an easy journey for the skinny and frail boy from Austria to become the champion that he was, he was still able to achieve this through hard work and determination. Much like Arnold, if you believe and put the necessary work in, you can achieve what you aim for.

One of the things that aspiring bodybuilder’s strive for is to develop Arnold’s girth and musculature. It can only be achieved by building muscle. However it is easier said than done. There are many aspects that come into play when you want to build muscle. There is genetics, exercise, diet and rest just to name a few. All of them need to be considered and worked on if you want to hit it big like Arnold.

Before muscle can be built it needs to undergo stress first. The small tears that a muscle gets when lifting weights are the same things that encourage the creation of new and stronger muscles. However, only the right way of lifting weights can help increase muscle mass. In some cases, the wrong exercise can even shrink the muscle.

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To build muscle and not lose it, you must do no more than 10 repetitions, because your choice of weights must be just enough to tire your muscles so that the eleventh rep seems impossible. Doing more than ten would actually start to deter muscle building than encourage it.

However, contrary to popular belief, muscles do not necessarily grow while you lift weights. It actually grows during the resting period. It is important to incorporate a period of rest in your training. Some bodybuilders go through a 3 day a week training regimen with rest days every day after training. Some bodybuilders also try six day split trainings with focus on a different muscle group every single day with time off between each muscle group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that Lifting weights without the proper diet is like plowing a field and not putting seeds in it, because even as you lift weights at the right reps and intensity you will not be able to build muscle without the additional protein required.

A normal person needs about a half gram of protein for every pound of body weight but if you want to gain muscle fast you need to double the amount protein intake. The kind of protein is also important for the quality of muscles that are formed.

Aside from protein a person needs to eat a lot of supplemental foods. For example, you need to get a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals from actual food and not just supplements. You also need to eat moderated amounts of mono-saturated fat for testosterone hormone production, vital for quick recovery and muscle development.

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Finally, a person must have a vision to successfully build muscle. Many have tried to achieve what Arnold has done but have fallen short. Your drive will take you to the heights you want to achieve but you must have in mind the picture of the peak of the mountain.