How to Build Arm Muscle

How to Build Arm Muscle

When it comes to body building, most people want two things, big arms and a big chest. To build arm muscle is the most desired goal for most guys but it’s not as easy as most people think. Just training with bicep curls isn’t going to cut it as most people will find out. You need to have a routine that hits all parts of your arms and do different exercises that add stress differently to your arms so they can grow.


When it comes to expanding your arms, most people neglect to train the triceps properly. But the triceps make up most your arm (it’s 70% of your arm) and is what makes your arm fill out. Building your biceps may look nice but the triceps is what gives the width and bulk most people are looking for. 


Let’s go in to the best exercises for your biceps and triceps.


The best exercises for your biceps are the alternate dumbbell curls and concentration curls. If you want to see how it is done, you can simply look on the Internet to see the proper form and full range of motion. But what I’m going to talk about is the mistakes most people are making when doing these two exercises. When many people do standing dumbbell curls, they often use their back and shoulders to help them bring the weights up. This can lead to injury and you’re also not using your muscles to full capacity. 


Another mistake is people using leverage to bring the weights back up. You must maximize each pump when lifting so it’s essential that you do the exercises slowly and release slowly as well. Make sure that you are not using your shoulders or elbow during the reps as you must also build strength in your arms to gradually life bigger weights.

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For triceps, you should work on the close grip bench press. It’s like a regular bench press but you hold the grip 6 inches apart instead of the normal shoulder length. With your elbows stabilized, lower the bar and lift it back up before it hits your chest. Do this exercise slowly and make sure you are not bouncing the bar off your chest.


The final exercise for triceps is the tricep dip. You can use a dipping bar or use one of the machines in the gym for this exercise. Get on the dip bars with your hands and kick your legs back 90 degrees while leaning slightly forward then dip down until your chest is on the same level as the dip bars. Repeat the reps until you see fit.


In conclusion, to build arm muscle, it’s important to work both your biceps and triceps. The triceps exercises will be much harder but these exercises will result in the most mass. Like all exercises, proper form is important (especially in arms) so you pump as much blood into your muscles.