How To Lift Weights Effectively

How To Lift Weights Effectively

There are times where every beginning weightlifter will wonder if he is wasting his time or living up to his potential in the gym. Everyone wants to build muscle, but those who build the most muscle are the ones who are knowledgeable on all the aspects of training. Any seasoned lifter will tell you that in order to build muscle and bulk up effectively you have to have good form in all of your exercises.

1. First off, it should be noted that compound exercises are the most effective routines for building mass and bulking up. They are also considered supreme for building overall strength. Compound exercises work the body so much that human growth hormone levels are elevated and thus bulk increased. Your body will stack on the pounds. Just make sure that you have a good routine and diet in place.

2. It is relatively simple to practice good form for many isolation exercises like lat pull downs and tricep extensions. However, once you enter the realm of compound lifts, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage great form. A precursor to good form is research, check out animations in magazines and watch videos on YouTube. Being educated is the most important step!

3. Always use warm-up sets to hammer out any weaknesses in your form. Make sure you are in front of a mirror and able to see yourself for the duration of the set. Do not let yourself lose concentration and go sloppy at the end of a heavy set, this is when it matters the most!

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4. Focus more during the eccentric part of the rep. The eccentric phase of any lift is the phase when the weight is being lowered. Essentially, it is traditionally viewed as the easy part of a rep. This has been called the number one mistake beginning body builders make. Put just as much effort into lowering the weight with good form as you do lifting the weight! This can really make a difference in your bench press efficiency.

5. It’s not a bad idea to record your lifts on video for later analysis.

If you are seeing lackluster or minimal gains, make sure your form is in check. Your goal here should be perfection in every compound exercise. Cleaning up your form will also ensure that your muscles grow in a balanced manner. Proper form can also lower your injury risk significantly, especially during dead lifts and squats.