Nursing Homes Now Known As Elite Rehabilitation Centers

Over the years nursing homes developed a bad name due to staff shortages, too many patients, not enough nurses, strict budget limitations, in addition to drastic budget cuts. Patients who end up in nursing homes have a general conscious that this is indeed the end of the road for them. A nursing home has become known in many households as not an appealing place to be sent to live short or long-term. In the last 20 years, nursing homes made drastic marketing plan changes in addition to many other interior and infrastructure changes such as seen in Nurse to patient ratios. Facilities now have on-site nutritional chefs who prepare attractive well-balanced food choices and offer soup, salad, and buffets. These facilities are ultra modern, homey, and comfortable. Patients now help plan their plan of care. States have stricter monitoring of pain medications and psychotropic drugs. Facilities offer more private rooms, fewer wards, and semi-private rooms, welcoming visitors 24/7. Facilities offer rehabilitation therapy programs for short-term stays.

A New Era for Nursing Homes

With these changes comes a new era of nursing home care. These facilities are now known as rehabilitation centers whether it is short or long-term care because the patient is always in a state of rehab even if there is no possibility of returning home. The patient is sent to a rehabilitation center for all or one of the three therapies such as a Geriatric short term Occupational Therapy Upper West Side NY finds their stay appealing and enjoyable. These changes only stand to enhance the patient experience. The patient’s doctor may order short-term occupational therapy for many different reasons. However, the biggest reason being is that the patient is recovering from the effects of a stroke. The patient is expected to make a substantial recovery through some occupational therapy and then return home. In our current age you can now understand why nursing homes are no longer called nursing homes but, rehabilitation centers because the geriatric patients are encouraged by these therapists, nurses’ aids, nurses, and doctors to live their lives’ to the fullest.

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Different Types of Therapies

To understand what role the occupational therapist has in a patient’s life you must realize what parts the other two therapists play for the patient. These therapists are professionals and earned degrees in their field of therapy. Physical Therapy pays attention to the lower body, from the waist down, working with the legs and feet through balancing and strengthening exercise patterns. The Speech Therapist helps the patient to work on speech patterns. This therapist helps people overcome the effects of a stroke where they have lost the ability to speak, chew, and swallow. Occupational Therapy works on the upper body, from the waist up. This therapist develops exercise plans to help the patient strengthen their arms, hands, and fingers. Therapies support the patient creating more flexibility and dexterity of the arms, hands, fingers, and neck.

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