Recovering at Home from Foot Surgery

Life after Foot Surgery

The time to prepare for recovery after foot surgery is before the operation. Because once incapacitated, we either heal as smoothly as possible or impose on others unnecessarily. These tips may help us avoid ringing that little bell to summon a patient companion.

Activities outside the Home

The areas of our life affected by foot surgery include our occupation. Combining our physician’s estimate of our “downtime” (away from work) with notice that we give to our employer will address that issue. However, the area with the most significant post-surgery impact on us is our recovery area, our home.

Efficient Arrangement inside the Home

The majority of our recovery will be spent inside our home. As such, If we usually sleep upstairs, use (or adapt) a room downstairs, because stair climbing will be dangerous and may impede recovery. In case, you will have to move from place to place, remove any unnecessary obstacles that you’d normally step over or around. That is not all. If you’re a reader, this is an opportunity to gather some reading material and turn plenty of pages. It will present the most significant opportunity to learn and the pass of time. The passage of time may be the biggest blessing. If you’re a movie fan, the same strategy applies. Run-of-the-mill bathroom use will be a bit clumsy after foot surgery. So, you might want to remove bath mats or make them secure. This will help you avoid tripping. And of course, bathing may temporarily replace showering.

A List of “Necessities” To Have Nearby

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In no order of importance, you’ll want the following within arm’s reach:

Television and Remote
Well, possibly the most important. This is the highest time you require to keep yourself busy with entertainment. A television will serve this purpose.

It is not only for convenience but also for emergencies. Remember, your mobility isn’t up to par.

Food and Beverage
Healthy snacks and drinks on a nearby table will make a recovery tolerable.

Assortment of Pillows
No matter whether on a bed, recliner, or couch, a pillow in just the right place might make your day. When you have foot pain Portland OR, and have surgery, you’ll be glad you have the pillows!

Hospital Table on Wheels
Undoubtedly optional, because it’s not an everyday household item. But if you have one, what a way to heal in comfort.

It will be used for a variety of uses (tears, sneezing, etc.).

Not a necessity of yesteryear, the absence of our laptop or tablet might turn discomfort into agony. Because once incapacitated, we either heal as smoothly as possible or impose on others unnecessarily. A computer will keep you busy. You can browse or listen to your favorite music.

Writing Materials
When a thought occurs to us out of nowhere, it’s best to write it down at once.

Keeping your foot elevated is probably recommended, and comfortable.
This is by no means a comprehensive list of things you’ll deal with. But this information may help you recover in the fastest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way after foot surgery!