Weight Lifting Workouts – How to Get the Gains You Want

Weight Lifting Workouts – How to Get the Gains You Want

The whole reason behind weight lifting workouts is to stimulate muscle growth. That is it. But so many aspiring body builders are misguided by misinformation and magic pill slinging magazines into undertaking workouts that not only won’t stimulate that muscle growth but will actually make them weaker. The purpose of this article is to wipe the slate clean of all the lies you have been fed and put you on the right path to getting ripped and packing on that muscle mass. The first myth about weight lifting workouts that’s promoted by a lot of muscle mags is the marathon workout. That’s where you basically have to pack up all your gear and move into the gym. There is like five different exercises for each body part and about eight sets for each of those exercises. This no pain, no gain theory is that more is better.

The more you exercises you do, the bigger results you get. And that theory happens to be true if you are taking anabolic steroids. Steroids tremendously speed up the recovery time of your muscles. They also cause a myriad of health problems but that’s another story for another day. The point is that weight lifting workouts that are meant for steroid users will not work for you and me because our recovery times are much slower. If we attempt these workouts, all we are going to accomplish is wear down and fatigue the muscle which will eventually make us weaker. What we want to do is cut down our workout to no more than two exercises per body part and work that body part out no more than once a week and don’t spend more than an hour and a half in the gym. Start the growth and get out of there.

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Another common mistake with weight lifting workouts is this idea that there are two different types of lifting for two different types of results. The theory is that if you want to bulk up and put on mass, you lift heavy weights with less reps and if you want to get definition, you use lighter weight with more reps. This is supposed to shape and sculpt the muscle more. This is pure nonsense.

You can’t shape or sculpt a muscle you can only stimulate it to grow and the only real way to do that effectively is to lift heavier weight with less reps. If you want to get cut, you need to burn off the excess fat that is covering your muscles. You do that with a combination of cardio and a proper diet. But eating right is more important in this regard. A lot of guys think that they can eat all they want and then burn it off later on the tread mill. Not so. You would have to be doing cardio forever for that. You have to cut the calories if you want definition. Hopefully, this article has helped guide you toward better results with your own weight lifting workouts. There is more great free information on my website. Just see the resource below. Until then, good luck with your training.